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10 years ago I stumbled across a type of housing that would change my life forever. As a partner in a small development company we built our first Granny Unit and it opened my eyes to a product so desperately needed by families throughout the state. Today, Backyard Homes are the main product I design and build and this blog is about bringing that information to you, both good and bad.

New Backyard Home Project in Walnut Creek (future cash generator)

By backyardhomepro

Today we broke ground on a new Secondary Living unit project in Walnut Creek.  This client wanted a space for their mother to occupy, but were also thinking about their long term goals for the property as they consider their retirement plans.  We designed a 700sqft home that will be placed directly to the right of their Ranch style home that is large enough for their mother and addresses future hadicap issues, but also could be used for the owners should they decide to move into the unit.  

The secondary or future use came about during the design.  While were going through the approval process, one of their neighbors converted a 400sqft portion of their home into a studio and is now renting that space for about $1300/mo.  You could imagine what this meant to our client and their project as they pondered this possible income generator during their retirement years.  When they are ready to retire they can rent out the second unit for more than $1800/mo. while they stay in the main home or they can rent out the main home for almost three times that amount while they live in the second unit.   How many of you have a plan that doubles or triples your retirement benefits?    


  1. Silvia says:

    I’m interested in a room addition but can’t find how to contact you on this page besides with this message. Please message me via e-mail as soon as you can thank you.


    • Yasir says:

      How awesome! I used to think I wtenad to buy an RV and travel when I retired, but now I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to retire. Just traveled over via Andrea!

  2. Steve says:

    Check out our website. My contact information is over there.

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