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10 years ago I stumbled across a type of housing that would change my life forever. As a partner in a small development company we built our first Granny Unit and it opened my eyes to a product so desperately needed by families throughout the state. Today, Backyard Homes are the main product I design and build and this blog is about bringing that information to you, both good and bad.

1000sqft Backyard Home in Morgan Hill

By backyardhomepro


Every now and then we get a call from someone looking to buy a property that will allow them to install a backyard home.  Typically they’re looking for information on what size unit they can build and what local regulations are so they can make an educated decision before they purchase it.  While we were putting the finishing touches on the Santa Cruz home, Barbara came down to discuss the property her son & daughter were in the process of purchasing in Morgan Hill.  Since it was such a huge property there were no real concerns about space so we got right into designing a home that would meet her needs.

We spent the last few months working out all the details for the home design and approval process and I thought I would share the resulting home plan with you as we get ready to deliver it tomorrow (Friday the 13th).  I visited the home this Tuesday and can’t be happier with the Skyline product.  As you can see by the images below it’s ready to be shipped to the site and we’ll apply the stucco once we set it on the foundation.  Look for some set and install photos soon, along with a time lapse video of the delivery.    

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  1. Nick George says:

    I am very interested in building something exactly like this addition (Santa Barbara County, slab foundation on flat lot, vehicle access available in rear, etc). I’ve received a wide range of estimates for a similar project. Roughly what did this project cost?

    Thank you very much for your help!

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