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10 years ago I stumbled across a type of housing that would change my life forever. As a partner in a small development company we built our first Granny Unit and it opened my eyes to a product so desperately needed by families throughout the state. Today, Backyard Homes are the main product I design and build and this blog is about bringing that information to you, both good and bad.

Greenest home in Santa Cruz?

By backyardhomepro

Don & Teresa with their new home

A few weeks back we completed this little Manufactured Home in Santa Cruz.  Today the final numbers came in on our Green Build.  We needed 108 points from the City’s Green Build program to achieve the highest rating possible which includes a plaque and ceremony from the City Council.  Our home scored 161 points!  To get an idea of the difficulty achieving this award, the Green Building Specialist told us only 5% of the structures built in Santa Cruz meet the requirements for this award.  We exceeded the requirement by 33%.  And yes, that was with a manufactured home, built to blend in with the neighboring homes and done affordably (under $175/sqft).

In an area where homes are built for $200-$300/sqft. this represents a huge savings to coastal homeowners, while demonstrating the superior building materials and methods used on today’s manufactured/modular homes.   As the building inspector said on the final inspection “This is not your grandma’s mobile home!”   So much has changed with the codes over just the last few years and we intend to show the world that this is a viable method of building quality homes quickly, affordably and consistently for our customers.

Look for a full photo shoot and some virtual tours on our website soon.  For a complete list of green building features contact Steve Vallejos via email at

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