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10 years ago I stumbled across a type of housing that would change my life forever. As a partner in a small development company we built our first Granny Unit and it opened my eyes to a product so desperately needed by families throughout the state. Today, Backyard Homes are the main product I design and build and this blog is about bringing that information to you, both good and bad.

Why consider an attached Backyard Home

By backyardhomepro

Attached Backyard Home

Last week I spoke to a homeowner that wanted to build a detached Backyard Home and couldn’t because of the rear yard setbacks, so I suggested they consider an attached unit.  So many people contact us looking to build a detached Backyard Home.  While this is my preference when the lot size and placement allow it, I also like the idea of an attached unit as well.  There are some benefits to attaching that should be considered.

First and most obvious is the ability to create a covered (and enclosed) access between homes.  If there is an elderly or disabled person living in the Backyard home it’s much easier to go back and forth between homes using a common door with no grade changes.  Attaching the utilities is less work ($$) and sometimes the lot will simply not allow for the proper setbacks and building separation when the homes are detached.  Sometimes we find that attaching the units allows for the best use of the remaining open space.

Now for the stuff most people don’t think about!  Attached does not necessarily mean connected living spaces.  We have built several Backyard Homes where they look like they are one home, but they are in fact two homes with no interior connections at all.  The second unit is accessed from an exterior door and there are no doors that lead to the main home.  This is still legally an attached dwelling.  Sometimes we build the homes separated by 3’ to 7’ of space, but install a “Breezeway” that connects the roof lines.  This Breezeway is just a covered walkway from a door on the Backyard Home to the main home.  No exterior walls touch, but it’s still technically considered attached.

Below are some images of the house without the second unit and a concept of a Backyard Home attached to the rear.  These are early concepts, but you can how this design allows for a second unit and keeps a great deal of the rear yard for the occupants.

For more images of attached Backyard Homes, look at our projects page.

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  1. Mike ciglar says:

    How do I get a hold of you? I’ve looked everywhere on your website and can’t find a phone number or email. I live in Dublin,ca and would like to add on and I think you are the expert I need to talk too

    • backyardhomepro says:

      Sorry about that. This is the blog site and we are in the process of linking it to the new website. You can reach me directly at (925)525-4900.

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